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High Holidays 5784

HIGH HOLIDAYS 5784 (2023)

Welcome! The Aish Center’s High Holiday program is truly special and unique! However, seating is very limited and WILL sell out, so please reserve today. This page is for reserving Non-Member High Holiday seats. Please consider starting or renewing your Aish Center Membership here, which includes complimentary High Holiday seats for you, your family and even your guests!

  • Members: High Holiday seating is included in your paid Membership.
  • If you’re not a Member and this is your first time joining us for the High Holidays, thank you for checking us out; there is no charge!
  • If you’re not a Member and you have joined us for the High Holidays before, tickets are $150 per adult (14+) and $75 per youth (9-13) for Rosh Hashanah (children 8 and under are free), and $100 per adult (14+) and $50 per youth (9-13) for Yom Kippur (children 8 and under are free).
  • There is no charge for either day of the Rosh Hashanah Kidz Camp, but at least one parent or guardian must remain on the premises. Don’t worry, there will be special, free workshops for adults led by our exciting guest speakers (check out their bios below).
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Offerings to satisfy your tastes, with new and engaging speakers, workshops and classes to develop your connection to your Jewish heritage and open your mind to all the possibilities for the new year.

Lower Ticket Prices

Thanks to generous donors and our successful June fundraising campaign, we’re pleased to offer low-priced High Holiday ticket prices again this year.

Rosh Hashanah Kidz Camp

Our Rosh Hashanah Kidz Camp has been so successful, we’re doing it BOTH days again this year! We’ll engage your children with games, edible crafts, sports, shofar blowing, and so much more. Meanwhile, you’ll learn creative tools and strategies for dealing with life’s ups and downs. Advance registration is required. Click here.

User-Friendly Services

Our prayer services include short, inspiring bits of wisdom from our Rabbis and community leaders and lots of English. They’re geared for those who want to deepen their connection to God through the words of the prayers, the familiar songs and melodies, and the relaxed pace.

Uncover the REAL You this Rosh Hashanah with Dr. Miriam and Rabbi Pinny Roth

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Rabbi Pinny Roth, LCSW-C

From clergy to counseling, San Diego to Silver Spring, Rabbi Pinny Roth has been a catalyst for the emotional and spiritual transformation of many from coast to coast. He brings a wealth of wisdom and warmth to his private clinical practice, Emotionally Focused Therapy Center, and spends his days diving deep into the root of relationships, helping couples and individuals foster profound healing and growth. With his wide smile, wit and broad thinking, he empowers people to cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships and their personal journeys.

Dr. Miriam Roth

Dr. Miriam Roth is an expert in sleep medicine and a neuroscience clinician at the Traumatic Brain Injury Center of Excellence in Washington, DC. With milliseconds to spare, she miraculously tends to her “in-patient” caseload, namely her five rambunctious boys! We look forward to Dr. Roth enriching the Aish Center Rosh Hashanah experience with her glowing energy and her unique blend of scientific knowledge and spiritual insight.

Not a member? High Holiday tickets are free for members. Join us today!

Members: It’s that time again. Please renew today!

Thanks to generous donors and our successful matching-funds campaign in June, we’re pleased to offer our low-cost High Holiday ticket prices for 2023:

Returning Attendees

Adults (14+): Rosh Hashanah $150, Yom Kippur $100
Youth (ages 9 – 13): Rosh Hashanah $75, Yom Kippur $50
Children 8 and under: FREE

First-Time Attendees

Adults: FREE
Youth (ages 9 – 13): FREE
Children 8 and under: FREE

While you are starting or renewing your membership or reserving your High Holiday seats, please make sure to register your children for the Rosh Hashanah Kidz Camp with games, edible crafts, sports, shofar blowing, and so much more. Advanced registration is required!

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