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Experience Shabbat like you never have before with our song-filled services, exciting classes, youth programming and delicious food! We look forward to seeing you at Aish!

February 14-15: Parashat Mispatim

(Candle Lighting at 5:33)
4:30 pm Pre-Shabbat L’Chaims
4:45 Mincha (Afternoon), Kaballat Shabbat services
Dvar Torah Rabbi Baruch Frankel
Maariv (Evening) Service
8:15 am Mussar Study Group (upstairs)
9:55 Five Minutes (x3) on the Parsha
(upstairs before/during the Torah reading)
10:45 God is in the Details!
Rabbi Baruch Frankel (downstairs)
9:00 am Shacharit (Morning) Service
10:40 Shabbat Mussaf (Additional) Service (time is approximate)
11:30 Community Kiddush
5:15 pm Mincha (Afternoon) Service followed by
Festive Third Meal of Shabbat
Cool Quandaries in Jewish Law Rabbi Baruch Frankel
6:34 Maariv (Evening) Service; end of Shabbat

View and print an easy one-page Shabbat schedule (PDF).

Learn about this week’s Torah portion from Aish.com

  •   The Torah Way or the Highway Rabbi Eli Scheller Why does the Torah begin with the laws of servitude?
  •   Good Is Not Good Enough   Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis Nothing in the Torah is to be taken for granted. Every letter, every syllable, every punctuation mark comes to teach us a lesson
  •   The Bionic Man  (video) Harry Rothenberg Why are the Torah’s laws governing interpersonal conduct so important?
  •   Harmony Between the Physical and the Spiritual  Rabbi Ron Jawary Real freedom is the ability to live in harmony with the Divine, with the world, and with yourself.


Our weekly Friday night and Shabbat Morning services and classes add an energy and ruach (spirit) to the traditional prayers that cannot be found anywhere else. We sing, we dance, we explain, and we make sure everyone is “on the same page”. Come with an open heart and you are sure to be inspired.

Children’s Programming

Our expanded and refreshed Shabbat children’s program is for children ages 4-12. We combine fun activities with prayer and discussions on the Torah portion. The program opens at 9:30 every Shabbat morning.


Our Shabbat morning program is topped off with a delicious Kiddush with salads, treats and L’chaims for those who would like. Kiddush is available to be sponsored every week in honor of your personal celebration, in memory of a loved one, or just to let us know that you appreciate what we are doing!

Will you be in our area for Shabbat? Need some home hospitality?

We will be happy to set you up with one of the families in the community.

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