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The Aish Center is Open for Shabbat

See our up-to-date Covid-19 guidelines here.

We have an informal kids’ program, as well. See the above-linked Covid-19 guidelines regarding masks.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Shabbat services, contact us at office@aishdc.org or 301-881-9010.

Schedule for Shabbat, June 24-25, 2022 

6:30 pm  Mincha (Afternoon) Service followed by a Dvar Torah
7:10 pm Maariv (Evening) Service for Shabbat (time is approximate)
8:20 pm Candle Lighting
9:00 am Shacharit (Morning) Service
11:15 am Torah Tips: Applied Parshah for the Best Life! Rabbi Baruch Frankel
11:45 am Kiddush
6:45 pm Finding Our Faith: Lessons from Living Emunah Aharon (Andy) Boltax
7:30 pm Mincha Service
7:50 pm Festive, song-filled Third Meal of Shabbat
8:10 pm Spy Quest: Understanding the Parshah through the Eyes of Commentators Guest speaker Rabbi Zev Bar Eitan (time is approximate)
9:27 pm End of Shabbat; Maariv Service

Sponsor a Kiddush or Third Meal for Shabbat.