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General Sponsorship

Support our programs

Please consider making a donation or sponsoring one of our programs.  All donations are tax-deductible and enable us to provide inspiring Jewish programs that help connect Jews of all backgrounds with traditions and build deeper knowledge in different aspects of Jewish life, culture, education and observance.

Kiddush Sponsorship

Celebrate with Aish

Kiddush may be sponsored by multiple sponsors on any given Shabbat.

Regular Kiddush– Partial Sponsor $180/ Full Sponsor $300: Includes a variety of salads, vegetables, pastries and a pareve cholent.

Deluxe Dairy Kiddush $360: Includes Bagels, lox and cream cheese, a variety of salads, vegetables, pastries and a pareve cholent (most weeks). 1 week advance notice preferred.

Deluxe Meat Kiddush $500: Includes a variety of deli meats, sides, pastries and a meat cholent. 3 weeks advance notice preferred.

Celebrations: Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sheva Brachot or celebrations with over 25 additional guests in attendance must be catered from one of the local Vaad approved caterers plus a $300 sponsorship fee.

2019 End of Year Campaign

As we approach the end of 2019, we are asking for your financial support to enable us to continue to offer innovative  programs that inspire Jews of all backgrounds and levels of observance.  Your donations are greatly needed at this time.

Yahrzeit Board Sponsorship

Honor the memory of your loved ones

Purchasing a plaque on our Memorial (Yahrtzeit) board, located in the sanctuary of the Aish Center, is a meaningful way to bring merit to the memory of a loved one. Each plaque accomodates the name of one person and the date of their Yahrzeit.

The cost for each plaque is $360. Please note that the memorial plaques will be placed in the order in which they are received and it may not be possible to place plaques of family members together.