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Sell Your Chametz

Over the holiday of Passover, we refrain from eating and owning food that’s not Kosher for Passover (chametz). As opposed to throwing out this food and wasting it, it is customary to sell the food to a non-Jew. These items are purchased back within a few hours after the holiday is over.

This is a sale recognized by Jewish law if we truly intend to give ownership to the buyer over Pesach.

To appoint Rabbi Baruch Frankel to be your agent to sell your chametz, please select how you would like to submit the form.

It is preferable that the form be printed, completed, scanned and emailed to Rabbi Frankel (bfrankel@aish.com), but if that is not possible, the form may, of course, be submitted online.

Questions? Email office@aishdc.org