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Lulav and Etrog Sale

Lulav and Etrog Sale

Purchase a beautiful four species set today! Pickup before Sukkot at Aish.

Deadline:  Sunday, September 5th at 11:59 p.m.
Pickup Location:  The Aish Center of Greater Washington
Cost:  Various

For Lulav-and-Etrog orders this year, we are cutting out the middle man (us) for the ordering process. We will still pick up all of the Aish orders and distribute them, so don’t worry about that; you’re just paying the supplier directly.

1. Click the button below and choose the items you want to purchase. You’ll have to sign onto their site either by creating an account or using your Google credentials. in the past, we ordered the basic (aka Gimmel) sets for people, but there are more expensive options if you prefer.

2. At checkout, where you have to choose a Pickup Location, choose Other and in the Order Notes, write “Aish Center.”

Questions: Contact us at office@aishdc.org.


On Sukkot, the Torah tells us to wave the Four Species, each noted for its special beauty:

  • Etrog – the citron, fragrant fruit with a thick, white rind. It is often picked from the tree while green, and then ripens to a bright yellow.
  • Lulav – the palm branch, which is defined in beauty by having a straight shape and leaves tightly bound.
  • Hadas – the myrtle branch, which has a beautiful plated pattern of three leaves coming out from the same point in the branch.
  • Arava – the willow branch, which should have oblong leaves with a smooth edge.

We bind all the branches together: two willows on the left, one palm branch in the center, and three myrtles on the right. We then lift them together with the Etrog and shake the bundle in all directions as a symbol of God’s mastery over all Creation.

From The ABCs of Sukkot by Rabbi Shraga Simmons

Questions? Contact the office at 301-881-9010 or admin@aishdc.org.